Best Food Trucks, Brisbane

Over the past few years, the number of food trucks has been growing rapidly throughout Australia. Now, many roam the streets of Brisbane appearing at different locations from day to day. My favourite thing about food trucks is their diversity. It is rare to find trucks in the same location serving similar food. I have tasted my way around many of Brisbane’s food trucks and want to share a handful of my favourites. Check out Brisbane Food Trucks to find out where these food trucks and others are popping up!


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Wasabi, Noosa

A few years have passed since my visit to Wasabi. Although there have been changes in the kitchen and the addition of the restaurant’s very own farm, not a lot is discernably different. Though not a lot had to; I considered my visit in 2012 to be almost perfect. However, this time Wasabi confirmed its status as my favourite Japanese restaurant and was even better!


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Mamaku Kitchen, Clayfield

A Mother’s cooking is a powerful thing. It can evoke feelings of comfort, safety and love knowing it has been made with care and especially for you. This is the kind of food I could eat every week. And that’s what I found in Mamaku: It’s a family Indonesian restaurant owned by a son, with his mother behind the stoves and his father joining him on the floor.


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Tickets, Spain

Known as one of the hardest restaurants in the world to get a reservation at, I challenged myself with the task of booking a table for four during our trip to Barcelona. After many fruitless attempts, I finally secured a booking near the end of the trip. This would be our last Michelin-starred dinner in Barcelona. Will all the effort be worth it?


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Disfrutar, Spain

After I missed out on going to one of the world’s greatest restaurants, El Bulli, which closed its doors in 2011, I kept a close eye on the chefs to see where they would go. While many ex El-Bulli chefs are now scattered across the globe, three of the main chefs stuck together and opened two restaurants, one in Northern Catalonia in a seaside town called Cadaqués and one in Barcelona. During my visit to Barcelona, there was no way I would miss visiting this restaurant!

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Restaurant Sant Pau, Spain


Following only days after our meal at ‘The World’s Best Restaurant’, Sant Pau had to meet a very high benchmark in order to impress us. Interestingly, the restaurant doesn’t feature in the S.Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants list, yet they have maintained three Michelin stars since 2006. On top of this, the owner and head chef Carme Ruscellada has the most Michelin stars for a woman in the world! I pondered if the list had made a huge mistake.

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Sorellina, Woolloongabba


Pizza can be made in very different ways. Whether it’s a thin base or thick base, chewy crust or crispy crust, jam packed full of toppings or a few well chose simple ingredients, bianche (white base) or rosse (red base), there are plethora of ways to make a pizza. At Sorellina, they serve pizzas how they want to. There are no ingredient substitutions or additions and all pizzas have a thin base with a chewy, rather than crunchy, crust. There are a range of both bianche and rosse pizzas on the menu but they are all kept very simple using minimum ingredients, following the traditional Neopolitan way.

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Chow House, Fortitude Valley


My mate Callum raved to me about a breakfast he had at Chow House on James St, Fortitude Valley. So, with Callum and another mate, Jakson, we all made a pact that we would go there as soon as holidays started. It wasn’t the first time I had heard about the breakfast at Chow House. I knew that head chef Timmy Kemp was well regarded for her breakfast fare having wowed diners at her previous restaurant, Timmy’s at Southbank (since closed). My Mum also whet my appetite further when she told me that Kemp’s Crumpets and lemon curd are stuff of food legend.

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85 Miskin St


A little over a year ago I experienced an amazing fine-dining meal at Brents The Dining Experience, which has since transformed into 85 Miskin St keeping the same owner-chef Brent Farrell. 85 Miskin St has been redeveloped into an approachable casual-dining restaurant. The crisp white tablecloths have gone, the carpet stripped away and replaced with shiny wooden floorboards. The food has taken a creative turn, using inspiration from a range of cuisines, moving away from its former strict Classic-French ethos.

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Cinco Bistro


I don’t usually write Brisbane breakfast reviews as I seem to find lunch and dinner at restaurants way more interesting to write about than the breakfasts that are served at many venues across town. However, I want to tell you about the breakfast menu that Cinco Bistro serves on Saturday and Sunday. For over 10 years Cinco has become well known for its elegant bistro food but only since September last year have they started serving breakfasts that I believe is worthy of equal acknowledgement and acclaim as their dinner service.

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I wasn’t sure if it was just pure luck, perfect timing or a little bit of both but two 16 year olds managed to grab the best seat in the house at Noosa’s beachside restaurant, Season. Having front row seats overlooking the iconic Noosa Beach led to a few funny faces from beach goers as they eyed two ‘kids’ downing some freshly shucked oysters and half-shell scallops. Their faces still make me chuckle to this day!

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